Banging out the negative while building on the positive creating strong minds and bodies through martial arts.


HEADBANGERS kickboxing academy was founded in 2008 and is locally owned and operated. We focus on personal growth through development of the mind, body, spirit, and emotion of each student regardless of age. We teach modern martial arts but we also believe in and teach traditional values such as modesty, respect, honesty, discipline, patience, focus, and confidence. Our philosophy is based on the Moogong Ryu Martial art system founded by Supreme Grand master Joon pyo Choi in 1971. Moogong Ryu (Guardian of Peace) is an innovative and holistic life skills system based on centuries old traditional Korean martial arts, such as Tae kwon do, Hapkido, and Gumdo while incorporating the best features of other Asian martial arts which include Karate,Kung fu ,Jujitsu, Tai chi and Ki moodo.

Now more than ever there is a need for programs that  teach  our children they can be and do amazing things when they take the right steps,choose the right path to be leaders and positive influences in the community.

HEADBANGERS Kickboxing Academy believes that there is value in all martial arts, one not being better than another. Martial arts are just the tools we use to make our selves better. "A hammer is only the best tool when you need it, it loses all value when you need a wrench, then the wrench is the best tool until you need a screwdriver".  It was this philosophy that brought us Jeet kun do and Mixed Martial Arts. We believe that in a perfect blend of ideas and practice we can create a Martial harmony, a way of peace. We offer Tae kwon do, Boxing, Self Defense, Weapons and Korean kickboxing also called Kyuk too ki which is a powerful and exciting martial art known for its blend of Tae kwon do, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, and Jiu jitsu. Although some of these martial arts techniques are centuries old, the programs being offered are always evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. We realize that each student possesses different physical abilities; size and strength vary with each individual. Once a student has acquired a strong foundation of the basics, our program will enhance the student’s physical capabilities and maximize his or her martial arts skills.

The Headbangers Kickboxing Academy instructors and school Organization. Pride ourselves on a being a professional, warm , family friendly ,and positive learning environment. We promise to offer the most professional and highest quality classes available in any sport or art by teaching a curriculum based on "positive mental attitude" and "goal setting"Mr.Taylor is a graduate of an instructor program that represents over 30 years of research and development. He and his staff will be with the students every step of the way to help them reach their individual goals.



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